Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Spain's Blessings

Last night I figured it was high time for yet another angry discourse on the present state of Spain. So this morning I was going write and post a diatribe in the best of the Mittington tradition. But then it turned out I need not do so, for better, more neutral journalists than I had done my work for me. They simply listed a few dire facts in a clear and distressing article. So there, dear reader: take a fleeting look at this fine piece of writing by clicking here.

And remember: these are the blessings that the Euro has brought, and that the EU is still bringing, with ever more fervour! Yes, let us have more of that beneficial remedy! Let us give the EU leadership more power still, and vote them in again and again and again (joke!)


  1. This is terrible as well as terrifying. I've come across some other articles talking about Spain's "Ghost Towns". Even more chilling and terrifying. I wonder if there is any end in sight.

    1. Well, yes, the situation is getting worse every day, what with growing unemployment and a contracting economy (in spite of all the austerity "reforms" being announced every time with the lie that they are meant to create employment and growth); a falling stock market and rising interest rates again; and the old breakaway regions using the crisis to break away from Spain (some old time military have already announced the 'over my dead body' that brought us the Civil War of the 1930s).

      I still expect the Eurozone to collapse this autumn, but I may be wrong. As a matter of fact: let's hope that I am wrong!


  2. Nice article, thanks for the information.

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    BTW, how was France?

    1. Dear Jerry,

      Strange. Something gives me the impression that you do not like Google...

      Perhaps you should revise your Clicking Policies. I suggest you do click on links that Alfred B Mittington recommends (is there a more trustworthy person you know, I wonder?), and that you do not click on all sorts of buttons that offer you to subscribe to something, or join something, or Check Out something or Pay for something. Comments on this blog can be published by clicking on the button "Publish". I admit this is remarkable, as interfaces go...

      France was fine, incidentally. except for the Peages, which are Hell on Earth.

      Your Friend, Alfred BM