Sunday, 24 February 2013

Vota Berlusconi !!

Cari amici italiani,

Sfruttate l'occasione unica!

Fate il vostro dovere, e vota Berlusconi!

Sì: Il Condottiero è un falso spudorato, ma Bruxelles lo teme come un vampiro teme un crocifisso costruito di aglio.

Così deve fare qualcosa di giusto!

Alfredo di Mittingtonia

For a discussion of the Italian situation, clear-headed as ever, see this article of Professor Krugman.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Growth and Jobs in Eurolandia Yet Again!

Please Sir: I want some more Austerity...?

Eurostat, that famously red commie fascist Eurosceptic agency filled with vile populists who never miss a chance to slander and abuse the glorious efforts of the European Union towards the Golden Dawn of Politically Correct World Government, has just come out with economical statistics over 2012.

The numbers demonstrate, beyond even the most unreasonable doubt, that yet again the Euro and the EU bring Growth and Employment to the old continent.

The following countries have seen roughly the following developments of their economy:
            Germany shrank 0.6 %
            The Netherlands shrank 1 %
            Italy shrank 1 %
            Spain shrank 0.7 %
            France shrank 0.3 %
Cyprus shrank 1 %
Portugal shrank 1.8 % (after Supreme Austerity!)
The whole of the Eurozone (17 countries) shrank 0.5 %.
The whole of the EU (27 countries) shrank 0.3 %
(which proves once again that countries with the Euro shrink at a far more accelerated rate than countries which do not use the Euro!!!)

As for unemployment I merely want to cite the cases of Greece (27 %) and Spain (26 %). That is more than a quarter of the working population, and going towards a third of the working population.

Eusterity and Troika Treatment are clearly working wonders. Therefore kindly repeat after me: Long Live the Divine Euro, our God and Saviour!!!!