Monday, 12 October 2015

Photoshop Phraud

Recently, and all over the globe, an epidemic of scandals has broken out concerning the horrible and hypocrite use of the Photoshop program to jazz things up and make people appear far more sexy and youthful than they are in their flesh and blood. I must say the indignation of the public is justified. The things you see are shocking! Society matrons who are far beyond their sell-by date are made to look like fillies straight out of the stud farm; top models are moulded and polished and liposucked the pixel way until they are beyond all recognition; and even politicians are being digitally enhanced so as to increase their potential to attract electoral attention (I mean… does anybody really think that hair on Mr Trump’s skull is real??)

Now, normally, Alfred B Mittington could not care less about such Vanitas Vanitatum of the under-aged world into which he was born far too early… But he draws the line, dear reader, there where these Digital Reprobates and Barefacebookies tamper with the respectable appearance of a dear old close personal friend of his, who cannot defend himself for being dead! How dare they! J’Accuse with a vengeance, and I will soon take legal action against the lads and lassies who dared to turn this picture of dear old Winston:

Into THIS shocking travesty of truth for the advertisements of a top hat manufacturer:

Shame, I say! Shame shame shame…!!!!