Friday, 29 March 2013

Work & Justice !!

Dear reader, it has been seven days since I posted my last J’Accuse. That is a long time. But please understand me. I have not been silent so long because I am lazy. Truly: I have tried. I typed away frantically on the old Blickensderfer, as if my life depended upon it. But nothing useful came out. Nothing that I dared to post.

I confess that I am tired. Tired of writing against the European Union. Tired of pointing out what is obvious, and crystal clear. So I’m giving up. If it still isn’t self-evident to you that the European Union is what it is: a Coup d’√Čtat by bureaucrats and civil servants, who wish to rule to their heart’s delight without constitutional limitations, and who will sacrifice anything and anybody to their own interest and goals, then you are an oaf who is wilfully blind and deserves no better than to dance to the tune of the Rompuys, Barrosos, Dijsselbloems, Rehns and Draghis.

What Europe needs today – and here I mean our beloved continent and its worthy people, not the Eurogues and Eurobbers who have sneakily arrogated to themselves the hallowed name and concept of Europe – is Work and Justice. No more than that. Work for its people so that they may feed their families. Justice for the criminals who got us here… I.e. the gambling bankers, corrupt politicians, and nearly every scoundrel who works for and gets his loot from the European Union in Brussels, Strasbourg, Frankfurt and elsewhere. And remember: you will not be given such Work and Justice by the Brussels Cleptocracy, unless it is convenient to their own plans, schemes and desires. 

That is, ultimately, the last word that needs to be spoken on the matter. The only thing that any man or woman of average intelligence must realize.

So there. I will stop. Alfred B Mittington will no longer write his daily dithyrambe against evil. It would either be feeding pearl to the swine, or nourishing those who are already well-fed. I will concentrate, from here on, on more pleasant matters. Mayonnaise. Art. Jokes. Anecdotes. Literature. And, why, yes, even sex!

And if you wish to know how Europe is doing, well… read this by oldAmbrose, and shudder!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Cyprus on Ice(land)

Ah, dear readers: why should I write if another, younger man, writes it down so well, so eloquently, so briefly, as Dan Hannan does here??

(Except, perhaps, that I may point out that the last point he makes, Alfred B. Mittington already made more than 10 months ago….?? See my Who’s Afraid of Et Dona Ferentes III here..)

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Europe = LIES !!!

Cyprus on the left; the disreputable Mr Jeroen Dijsselbloem on the right;
Mr Putin (I guess) in the middle...

Who’d have thought it, dear reader? Who could imagine such a thing? Will you believe it??

It took the unsuspected courage of a tiny parliament of a third rate island nation on the very fringe of what may still be called Europe, to put a stop to Troika hubris and Eurodiktats! Yesterday the Cypriot parliament voted en bloc against the shameful robber tax on honest citizens with which the Brussels oligarchy tried to save its Euro and its undeserved hegemony. In the face of popular fury – mobs of honest citizens with guillotines glimmering in their eyes - not one single MP dared to vote in favour. The most they dared to do was not vote at all…

And, strangely, against all predictions, against the apocalyptic assurances we have heard for half a week from all sides, Cyprus did not slide into the sea. Europe did not burst out in flame. The world is, surprisingly, still turning. And the cosmos did not explode into smithereens…

Who’d have thought so, after all the assurances to the contrary by Our Masters???

More surprising still: suddenly, this morning, it appears that there are alternatives to the robbing of private citizens. (Yesterday there were absolute none!) Suddenly it seems Russia may come up with some extra loans to maintain its privileged position on the island. Suddenly as well, the ECB let it be known that it has found an unremembered little piggy bank somewhere, with which it may contribute to the missing 6 billion euros which the Infernal & Abominable Troika demands before it will show some rich man’s Solidarity to the poor nations of the European family…

Why, even Archbishop of Chrysostomos II of Cyprus – giving a good practical example to our brand new Pontifex-of-the-Poor in Rome… - has now offered to take out a mortgage on church property so as to help the country raise that extra money.

And here, until last night, I understood that there was ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY NO POSSIBILITY of any other way of getting Cyprus out of its present plight…

Europe is not only Theft, dear reader. Europe is also Lies. Shameless lies. One after another. By those who ought to be our leaders, our betters, and our guides. Let us hope and pray that their reign will soon be at an end!

Let us all show courage and become Cypriots !!!

More eloquent articles on the Cyprus situation may be found here (by Dan Hannan) and here (by good old Ambrose) 

Monday, 18 March 2013

Europe = Theft

So there. It is official. Europe = Theft. An Argentinian style corralito has been slapped upon the common people of Cyprus; and this is a fine, convenient precedent for future lines of attack when it comes to Italy, Spain or France…

There is a tremendous irony here. What started, some 4 years ago, as a supposed Utmost Effort to avoid the most panicky scenes from Black Tuesday in 1929, as a wise approach from men  and women who had Learned From History, now turns into its exact opposite. Instead of avoiding bank runs, the Abominable Troika from Brussels and Frankfurt is knowingly causing bank runs. Talk about the March of Folly!

Did they not know that panic and bank runs would follow when they applied this 6,75 robbery tax? Were they ignorant and unaware of the predictable results, these well-paid Best & Brightests, like Mr Dijsselbloem, Ms Lagarde, Mr Draghi, and the rest of the loathsome lot? No, of course they were not unaware of that. These people may be gross, but they are not stupid.

Then why, you may ask, did they decide upon this idiotic line of action nevertheless?

The answer is twofold. First of all, the Euro had to be saved, and if Cyprus went bust, Greece – whose tottering banks are sunk into the financial muck of Cyprus up to their nostrils – would also have slipped; then Greece would have had to leave the Euro; and that would have caused the Euro to break up. This must never ever be allowed to happen! For in Brussels, the Euro is the Alpa and the Omega, the Absolute Good, the Only Thing That Matters…

This leads us to the second reason. Cyprus could not be allowed to go bankrupt. But… the Robber Barons of the EU knew that they could not solve the problem the way it had been solved before in Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Greece. You see: the patience of the German taxpayers is over; and they would never have accepted yet another bailout of a Mediterranean country with northern public funds. So the money had to be found somewhere else. And, following that good old example of the corrupt Argentinian government ten years ago, they decided to skim off 7 to 10 % of everybody’s savings, and use that money for their own purposes and personal interests.

And this they call a tax. Well, it isn’t a tax. It is a theft. And it is a blunder. So big a blunder that it gives the game away. These people no longer know what to do or where to turn so as to safeguard their pet project, of which the single currency only is the most important instrument.

The sadness is that, when all is said and done, when nature has taken its course, when the whole house of cards has come tumbling down, the Dijsselbloems, the Rompuys and Barrosos, the Lagardes and Schlaubes, the Draghis and Who Nots, will all be living snugly somewhere in New York or Dubai or Tahiti, enjoying their evil-earned wealth and writing their memoirs – in which we get explained that the catastrophe was all the fault of the Populists and the Nation States unwilling to give up their privileges and merge – while in Europe, the normal honest working folk are queuing up for the soup kitchens…

Ah yes, what a splendid project is this United Europe of ours…!

Read Professor Krugman for an equally bleak view.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Saving Cyprus with Citizens’ Savings

Dives and Lazarus

Hurray, dear reader! Hurray Hurray!!!!

Yet one more Eurozone Beggarland is being rescued by our beloved Troika of IMF, EU and Central European Bank. Cyprus, a small country on the fringe of the Eurozone, is saved! The tiny island nation, good for only a fraction of European GDP, somehow got into gigantic financial problems in spite of the fact that it has shown happy hospitality to many billions of suspect black money from places like Russia and the Balkans. To the tune of 5 times the size of its own economy, will you believe it?! How this works exactly beats me, but then: I am not a banker.

The rescue package consists of the usual cocktail of soft credit from the EU – some 10 billion Euros worth – and a so far unspecified sum in gifts and loans from the IMF. All business as usual.

But… pay attention now, reader, especially if you live in Europe and have a nest egg stacked away somewhere! For there is one little novelty in the Nicosia Deal which should really interest you! Your savings are no longer your savings! They also belong by right to the Brussels nomenklatura from this day on!

You see: to rake in an additional 6 billion with which to save Cyprus’s corrupt financial sector, the Troika has decided to slap a special tax on all depositors big and small. Those who possess over 100,000 euros in a Cyprus bank are to pay a 10 % unique tax. And all other depositors will be forced to pay a 6,75 % tax over their savings. That includes elderly grandmothers, small pensioners, honest shopkeepers and children’s piggy banks… And it includes you, dear reader, if you happen to keep cash in Cyprus. For there are no exceptions. To make sure this works, all assets in the land have been frozen overnight, so that nobody can save their savings from the savers…

Troika on the left; Cyprus in the middle; hard-working tax payer on the right

Read this well, dear reader! Read this very well! For it means that from here on, the unelected officials of the Troika, whom you cannot turn out of office through the ballot box, have decided, per Diktat, that the saving deposits of European citizens may be used – at their discretion - for shoring up the Euro and the financial sector of their choice, without any parliament having a say over it.

Today it is Cyprus, and everybody insists, of course, that the tax is a unique, most exceptional, one time only, never-to-be-repeated affair (and we all believe them of course, as we did in the case of Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain…)

And yet and yet… “Mr Euro”, the most pliable and prosaic Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem, did drop one most interesting little side remark during a press conference, and I quote from an excellent article:

‘Mr. Dijsselbloem declined to rule out taxes on depositors in other countries besides Cyprus in the future, but he insisted that such a measure was not being considered.’

There you have it. Brussels Newspeak: ‘not being considered’ means they are already preparing for the occasion.

Italy, dear reader, is next in line for a bail out. She is not doing well (see old Ambrose here). And since there is not enough Bail Out Money in all the 27 government coffers to shore her up, the saving deposits of all Europeans may then be called upon to rescue the inane unique currency that should never have been forced down our throats in the first place!

 Bring out the guillotine!! It is time for a haircut!!