Monday, 28 January 2013

The Book of Burning Questions (6)

I'm just posting the below to get them out of my system, where's they've been languishing for too long already. With the possible exception of the last one, they are not necessarily the coolest answers to the following Burning Questions

Q: Why did the Egyptians built the pyramids?
A: To attract tourists and earn hard currency

Q: Who was Jack the Ripper?
A: Duncan Merryweather, 25 Albemarle Street, London

Q: Are men more intelligent than women?
A: If you ask such a silly question, you must be a man...

Q: Who was the man in the iron mask?
A: Louis XIV´s perfumer

Q: Is the Outside of a Horse really the best thing for the Inside of a Man?
A I don’t know. How often did you eat horse-hide?

And a naughty one to end it all:

Q: What did Julius Caesar tell Mark Anthony after he bedded Cleopatra?
A: He said: Vidi, Vici, Veni...