Saturday, 8 June 2013

Saturday Snapshot: Purgatory nº 1

The Vatican may have abolished Purgatory (after due consultation with the Powers Above, I suppose...), but out here in Spain, that kettle full of flames where sinner's souls are cleansed before they may behold the splendors of the Lord still enjoys widespread popularity... Must have something to do with the Tradition of the Inquisition...

This one comes from a small roadside chapel in the coastal town of Muros, Galicia...


  1. The women have had their breasts burnt off.

    And what's that in the cloud the VM is on? Looks like a baby's head.


  2. They aren't women. Probably hippies...

    The face there in the cloud can stand for the moon, or for the Blessed in heaven. See Purgatory nº 2, soon to be published on this here site...

    Al B M

  3. We believe in the Hereafter - although there's much speculation around it. If you were good, your place in the hereafter is good and if you were bad... well, lets say it sounds a lot like purgatory... that place where souls reside before being judged and sent to heaven or hell.

  4. I once asked a woman if she believed in the hereafter and she wanted to know what I meant.

    I replied, "if you are not hereafter, what I am hereafter, you'll be hereafter I'm gone!"