Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Golden Quotebook: Weber prophetic on the EU

In an essay entitled 'Politics as a Vocation', the German sociologist Max Weber points out that a strong federal government cannot be established until it alone, and not the individual states which comprise it, has in its hands all mayor administrative functions and the sole power to wage war. When an individual state in a federation no longer can raise enough revenue to maintain its own armies, says Weber, and has to depend on the federal government for money, then that state has lost in actuality the sovereignty it may still maintain as a fiction. 

[Max Dimont, Jews, God and History, Book 1, chapter 3]

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  1. The citizens of Europe, the USA, Australia & New Zealand are being progressively rendered impotent by the elites voted into office by people who rely only on government handouts. Therefore, unrestricted immigration from third world countries, serves these elites very well, because they want total control and a population that cannot earn a living in a technological society, will have to depend on government welfare.

    Obama is working hard to dilute the Republican vote by encouraging poverty stricken illegal immigrants (natural, freeloader, Democrat party voters) to flood across southern borders. In addition, Obama's efforts to cripple US industry with high electricity are mirrored by this insane policy in the UK.

    The UK Government is set to make a windfall profit of hundreds of millions of pounds out of a lucrative scheme to sell power from thousands of the emergency diesel generators it owns to the National Grid. The cash will come from using them to guard against the times when the wind is too low to drive the expanding fleet of wind turbines, so staving off widespread blackouts.

    See link.