Friday, 3 July 2015

It is Scylla and Charybdis for our time!

Dear reader, I cannot tell what the Greeks should vote in the coming Referendum. The choice between the Scylla and Charybdis of the Oxi and the Nai, the Yes or No, the sink or founder, is like asking them to chose between death by hanging or by electric chair. So Alfred B Mittingon refrains from taking a position, and from making predictions as to what will happen next Sunday.

What I do know, however, is that the Brussels Eurogues will use the outcome, whatever it is, to get rid of the Syriza government. They will use a No vote to the Austerity Deal as a convenient excuse to refuse any further dialogue with ‘an intransigent regime of upstart radicals’ (or words to that effect), and allow Greece to plunge into total chaos, which will lead to new elections; while a Yes vote implies that the Syriza government has lost its mandate to resist the Abominable Troika, and has no choice but to step down.

Soon after, through new elections or – preferably of course – by simple backroom horse trading, the previous government will return to power. A government led by Mr Samaras of Nea Demokratia, in combination with the good old PASOK and a few more spineless fringe parties; the same folk, that is, who plunged Greece into its present plight by their corruption, clientelism, cronyism and abuse of public funds. The same who lied through their teeth to have Greece join the Euro. The same who borrowed to their heart’s delight to buy votes and fill their party coffers. Europe will welcome them with open arms, because ‘they may be bastards, but they are OUR bastards’. They are our friends. They are our lackeys, who will do our bidding and follow orders.

And here is the true irony. As soon as this new obedient rogue regime has taken office, the Troika and the Brussels Nomenklatura will miraculously see the light, and grand the country a gigantic debt relief (to be shouldered by the European taxpayer) because they suddenly recognize that not in a thousand years a tiny country in the present state of depression can repay the entire burden of institutional debts (why do you think the ever cautious IMF yesterday hinted at precisely such a thing?) Thus, the friendly new cabinet of yesterday’s kleptocrats will be granted the very deal which would have made Mr Tsipras and Mr Varufakis gladly accept the ‘rescue’ program.

But it could not be done before, you see; because doing so would have given a lease on life to a rebellious regime which dared to stand up to EU Diktats. And that was unthinkable. For getting rid of the elected enemy has been the first priority of our Brussels Masters in what they passed off as negotiations ever since January. Syriza had to be crushed. And crushed they will be.

I leave you with a dark and gloomy thought: when all is said and done and the bottom line is reached, Mr Tsipras has been doing the Brussels Beurocracy the greatest imaginable favour an adversary ever bestowed on his foe. It was obvious from the start, and got clearer by the day, that the Greek debt situation was going to implode and lead to Grexit if not worse. Now, however, the Junckers and the Dijsselbloems, the Merkels and the Schläubes, the Tusks, the Schulzes, the Draghis and all the other heartless Eurogues can blame the denouement, not on the rotten structure of their Eurozone, but on the evil doings of a handful of communist radicals.

I hear a sigh of relief from the banks of the Spree, the Seine and the Senne. I hear the flexing of monstrous muscles in preparation of the next move…

Brace yourselves, ye Europeans! Very soon Scylla and Charybdis will be coming for you as well!


  1. What is a/the founder in this contexrt? Do you mean "to sink or to founder".

    If the Dutch banks were too free with their lending, did the Greeks go on a spending spree?

  2. To founder: verb, to fill with water and sink. The 'to' is implied in in both cases (sink and founder). As is the intelligence of the reader, barring some exceptions (guess who?). For one who has proclaimed for all to hear how very FLEXIBLE he is in all matter linguistic, you are remarkably bigot and a bore!

    If there is a point to your second sentence, kindly go to sleep, and try again to formulate your question tomorrow morning when (with the help of the Good Lord) you are sober. If ever.