Sunday, 8 July 2012

Beggars can be 'Chulos'

A traditional Spanish money plant (harvested long ago...)

Ah yes: the farce continues…

I guess you did not know this, but Spain and Italy have an inalienable birth right to all the northern tax money they can swallow. At least, that is now the outspoken position of Mr Rajoy and Mr Monti. Having pried lose the concession that they would get bail out funds with no strings attached last week, the two gentlemen are now insisting that the money has to be forthcoming and SOON. Europe must fulfil its promises, insisted Mr Rajoy this weekend. And Mr Monti just came out with some angry remarks about certain northern countries (he meant Finland and the Netherlands) being irresponsible in their critical statements of this deal, and thus causing the high interest rates that the Mediterranean lands have to pay over their debt.

Ah yes: you give them a finger and they chop off your arm at the shoulder… For while beggars, as the proverb says, cannot be choosers, in these places, beggars cán be chulos. Go look it up in the Spanish dictionary. The mildest translation is ‘brazen’.

And if all of it goes wrong with the €uro in the end (as it looks it will), then whose fault is it? No, not of course of the disorganised, corrupt, maffia style, wasteful and freeloading Latin lands, who simply do not know how to produce wealth in a reasonable manner and then administer it responsibly, but of those selfish, egoistic northerners, who refuse to shake their money tree (which they stole from us some hundreds of years ago…) so as to shower us with the alms we deserve…

I foresee that soon there will rise a new Berlin Wall, running roughly along Rhine and Danube, from Dunkirk on the Channel, to Sulina on the Black Sea, and hopefully straight through the vile, disreputable city of Brussels!

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