Monday, 23 July 2012

Crimes against Humanity

There you have it. They are going to do it. Instead of sacrificing the Toxic Euro to the European Population, they are going to sacrifice a nation to their Divine €uro. They are going to throw Greece to the dogs.

As it turns out, all the babble and chitchat of the last two years about keeping Greece in the Eurozone for its own good was so much fluaria. What they were really after is buying time to prepare their own defences for the Grexit, so that their powerhouse would survive once Greece was slaughtered.

While Greece might have been saved by letting her exit the Eurozone two years ago and shoring her up with a Marshall Plan package of roughly the same size as the northern countries will now lose when she goes bankrupt, they preferred first to gut her economy and undermine her chances for recovery (tens of thousands of businesses that might have come back to life have now forever disappeared due to austerity!) before letting her sink. Because it looked better. And pour encourager les autres…

Brace yourselves, Europeans! You will see old people die in the streets of Athens and famished Greek children crawl all over your TV screens. In Europe. In the 21st century. Due to the Prosperity and Democracy that the European Union proudly brings everywhere…

This is being done by the very same people who knowingly allowed Greece to enter the Eurozone even though she was not fit for it and was lying through her teeth, which they also knew perfectly well. They allowed it because the More the Merrier. Because the Euro Intro had to be a success, a triumph, a bonfire of Beurovanities. Because their pipe-dream had to reach orgasm in the Brussels cocktail circuit and its corridors of power.

These are Crimes against Humanity, and I want them all – the Barrosos, the Rompuys, the Lagardes, Rehns, Kroeses and that entire sorry lot – in front of an International Court of Justice, to determine their responsibility and to be given their just punishment. Let us have a Neurenberg II. Miserable behaviour of those in power should never go unpunished!

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  1. The drama seems to be unfolding - it would be interesting to see what comes of this.