Monday, 5 November 2012

A Fair Swap After the Presidential Elections

Dear American Friends,

Today, you are having Democratic Elections. But we, dear friends, have this:

So, whoever you chose to elect, let us have a swap once the results are in. You guys accept Portugal and Spain as the 51st state of the Union, so that we liberate ourselves from the Brussels despotism and have democracy. And you get to eat all the magnificent yummie food we have to offer in this our gastronomic paradise.

I think that is a fair deal. We promise to bring our own tea and pay our taxes. And if you really insist, we will even learn the words of that impossible anthem of yours.

Good luck in the voting booth today!

Alfred B. Mittington, rebel and future elder statesman.


  1. That meal looks amazing... and I've never been terribly fond of seafood.


  2. Join the club! I once ate a Pizza Quattro Stagioni (or some such Vivaldian name) with rotten shellfish, and ever since, I can't eat half the stuff on this plate. But it does make my mouth water! And it is a work of art!