Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Europe = LIES !!!

Cyprus on the left; the disreputable Mr Jeroen Dijsselbloem on the right;
Mr Putin (I guess) in the middle...

Who’d have thought it, dear reader? Who could imagine such a thing? Will you believe it??

It took the unsuspected courage of a tiny parliament of a third rate island nation on the very fringe of what may still be called Europe, to put a stop to Troika hubris and Eurodiktats! Yesterday the Cypriot parliament voted en bloc against the shameful robber tax on honest citizens with which the Brussels oligarchy tried to save its Euro and its undeserved hegemony. In the face of popular fury – mobs of honest citizens with guillotines glimmering in their eyes - not one single MP dared to vote in favour. The most they dared to do was not vote at all…

And, strangely, against all predictions, against the apocalyptic assurances we have heard for half a week from all sides, Cyprus did not slide into the sea. Europe did not burst out in flame. The world is, surprisingly, still turning. And the cosmos did not explode into smithereens…

Who’d have thought so, after all the assurances to the contrary by Our Masters???

More surprising still: suddenly, this morning, it appears that there are alternatives to the robbing of private citizens. (Yesterday there were absolute none!) Suddenly it seems Russia may come up with some extra loans to maintain its privileged position on the island. Suddenly as well, the ECB let it be known that it has found an unremembered little piggy bank somewhere, with which it may contribute to the missing 6 billion euros which the Infernal & Abominable Troika demands before it will show some rich man’s Solidarity to the poor nations of the European family…

Why, even Archbishop of Chrysostomos II of Cyprus – giving a good practical example to our brand new Pontifex-of-the-Poor in Rome… - has now offered to take out a mortgage on church property so as to help the country raise that extra money.

And here, until last night, I understood that there was ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY NO POSSIBILITY of any other way of getting Cyprus out of its present plight…

Europe is not only Theft, dear reader. Europe is also Lies. Shameless lies. One after another. By those who ought to be our leaders, our betters, and our guides. Let us hope and pray that their reign will soon be at an end!

Let us all show courage and become Cypriots !!!

More eloquent articles on the Cyprus situation may be found here (by Dan Hannan) and here (by good old Ambrose) 


  1. Your last paragraph seems to depict the status quo of the European political and economical philosophy of the last several centuries.


    SF Bay Area

  2. Dear Jorge,

    Thank you for the compliment, even if it saddens the heart of an old idealist...