Friday, 29 March 2013

Work & Justice !!

Dear reader, it has been seven days since I posted my last J’Accuse. That is a long time. But please understand me. I have not been silent so long because I am lazy. Truly: I have tried. I typed away frantically on the old Blickensderfer, as if my life depended upon it. But nothing useful came out. Nothing that I dared to post.

I confess that I am tired. Tired of writing against the European Union. Tired of pointing out what is obvious, and crystal clear. So I’m giving up. If it still isn’t self-evident to you that the European Union is what it is: a Coup d’État by bureaucrats and civil servants, who wish to rule to their heart’s delight without constitutional limitations, and who will sacrifice anything and anybody to their own interest and goals, then you are an oaf who is wilfully blind and deserves no better than to dance to the tune of the Rompuys, Barrosos, Dijsselbloems, Rehns and Draghis.

What Europe needs today – and here I mean our beloved continent and its worthy people, not the Eurogues and Eurobbers who have sneakily arrogated to themselves the hallowed name and concept of Europe – is Work and Justice. No more than that. Work for its people so that they may feed their families. Justice for the criminals who got us here… I.e. the gambling bankers, corrupt politicians, and nearly every scoundrel who works for and gets his loot from the European Union in Brussels, Strasbourg, Frankfurt and elsewhere. And remember: you will not be given such Work and Justice by the Brussels Cleptocracy, unless it is convenient to their own plans, schemes and desires. 

That is, ultimately, the last word that needs to be spoken on the matter. The only thing that any man or woman of average intelligence must realize.

So there. I will stop. Alfred B Mittington will no longer write his daily dithyrambe against evil. It would either be feeding pearl to the swine, or nourishing those who are already well-fed. I will concentrate, from here on, on more pleasant matters. Mayonnaise. Art. Jokes. Anecdotes. Literature. And, why, yes, even sex!

And if you wish to know how Europe is doing, well… read this by oldAmbrose, and shudder!


  1. Dear Alfred,

    Whilst you may have put down the cudgel of indignation, Dr. North continues to bring later developments to the eyes of those who would continue to look askance at the machinations of Brussels.

    "Revelations breaking in the Greek press, conveyed also by and in Spiegel.

    These tell of an unhealthily close relationship between the Cypriot banks and politicians, and with political parties and trades unions. Thus we hear that the Bank of Cyprus and Laiki, between 2007 and 2012 gave loans amounting to millions to these groups, without in any way seeking full repayment.

    The Bank of Cyprus wrote off the €2.8-million loan given to a hotel with ties to the communist-rooted Progressive Party (AKEL) and forgave significant portions of many other loans.

    A national labour union is said to have been forgiven €193,000 of a €554,000 loan. An unnamed company was forgiven €110,000 from a €1.83-million loan, a prominent MP of the centrist Democratic Rally (DISY) party saw €101,000 of a €168,000 loan written off and a company owned by the brother of a former minister of the conservative Democratic Party (DIKO) had €1.28 million of a €1.59-million loan written off.

    Several other MPs and the mayor of large city allegedly had significant portions of their loans forgiven by Bank of Cyprus. Companies linked to a member of the bank's board, to the daughter-in-law of a DIKO deputy and several others also appear to have been offered significant loan relief by the Bank of Cyprus.

    As for Laiki Bank, it is said to have written off several loans taken out by AKEL and DISY MPs. The bank appears to have written off $5.8 million in debt from a company whose majority shareholder is said to be a well-known Cypriot politician. The ex-wife of a senior ministry official and a company owned by a local ambassador appear to have been benefited.

    These details, apparently, are only the tip of the iceberg, and more are expected to emerge.

    The Greek newspaper Ethnos writes that the current details raise "significant political and moral issues" that could have a "serious legal repercussions". Most of all, though, they may shed light on why Cypriot banks had been allowed to behave the way they did, pushing the economy over the edge.

    This may also explain why the "colleagues" took the action they did, possibly with the foreknowledge that this was not a straightforward bailout. Awareness of deep-rooted, systemic corruption could have dictated the path.

    For the moment, the Cypriots are being extraordinarily calm about recent developments, and some feelings are being expressed that external intervention was necessary. The island nation may have needed more than just a financial rescue, which could put a completely different complexion on the events we have been witnessing."



  2. Dear Perry,

    Thank you for posting this. A tough read, but enlightening.

    Awful to say: the situation is not much better in Spain, where political parties of just about every hue have also taken out huge loans, which the banks then 'forgave and forgot'. One understands their great willingness to help banking friends in need, with taxpayer's money from Spain and northern Europe...

    Our leaders are asking for a serious revolution; for only the morally upright can demand great sacrifice from their populations.

    Yours, sincerely, Alfred.

  3. It must be done, to preserve your sanity. I look forward to any of your tales Dear Alfred.

  4. Thank you Ms Azra. I hope to write and post things that may carry away your approval! Yours, Alfred Mittington.