Monday, 30 September 2013

Chestnut Locomotive of Don F. de Paula Cousiño

The picture I republish here has to do with Colin Davies’s blog of today. Click here to seeit. Colin’s text not only gave an excellent description of the lamentable country I live in (when crossing the street, that is) but also gave rise to a long exchange on a great Pontevedra personality (Don F. de Paula Cousiño) who fed the visitors of the market at the harbour for over 40 years. (See the section of Commentaries on Colin’s blog).

The only known photograph of Don Fernando’s ‘chestnut locomotive’ which I have been able to locate is this one from the 1955 funeral of the lawyer Don Laureano Maria Muñoz, somewhere on the outskirts of town, in which we see Don Fernando’s hardware in the lower left hand corner. If you look really well, you may notice that the well-dressed kid just above the locomotive actually just pinched a sardine from Don Fernando’s platter and is trying to hide it in his sleeve. That’s rich folk for you! Pinching sardines at a funeral!

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  1. Pinching sardines at a funeral, I didn't know that Colin had been in Pontevedra since 1955.... Now that is rich..!!!