Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Homeward bindings

We are back, dear reader! And as we negotiated the last sandy curve in the bridle path to the village, a most intriguing question pressed itself upon my ever active mind. A question which I will gladly share with you to hear your opinion.

If it really be true that ‘To depart is to die a little’, as Haraucourt had it, then does one also, on coming home, rise from the dead like a mummy in a B-movie?

Rentrer c’est ressusciter aussi peu ??

Just asking, as I feel a little weak of late…

Yours, as ever,

Alfred B. Mittington


  1. Who is 'we'? I thought you lived alone in the Portuguese outback.


  2. I am an old man, and can no longer roam the globe on my own. I travelled with the Velikov family from down the hill.

    Welcome back home to you too...