Saturday, 22 February 2014

Saturday Snapshot: Behind the Witches’ Sabbath

I adore Modern Technology, dear reader! Modern Technology is Magical. It offers us all sorts of new opportunities, fresh insights, the rapidest of research, and instant communication with people we never met and will luckily never lay our eyes on.

Most marvellous of all, however, these new technologies offer us a peek into background situations which in the past we never suspected existed at all. To give but an example: who – except the most raving psychotic madman - would ever have thought that the CIA, the FBI and the NSA are avidly screening the communications of perfectly innocent citizens, searching for suspicious activities and – worse – ideas, had it not been for the revelations of Wikileaks and Mr Snowdon’s mammoth CD-roms of furtively copied data? No one, right? Such a thing was perfectly unthinkable and came as a total surprise to us all…!

And I confess I myself was not a little taken aback when my dear friend Brighid D. from Liscannor, County Clare, Ireland, sent me the present snapshot some days ago. Yes, I am of course an expert all forms of Magic, Sorcery, Maleficium and the Paranormal (as any reader who has read volume xxv of my Collected Works will readily acknowledge), but only now that the necromancing ladies themselves carry mobile phones with inbuilt photographic cameras as they travel to their meetings, may one hope to get such a rare inside view of the hitherto occult logistical aspects of the Sabbath and the Walpurgisnacht

Brighid took this picture last February 2 during the celebrations of the Imbolc meeting with some 665 fellow witches, and it shows the parking lot for the common means of transport set up by the Central Organisation. Please note the foresight of the planners in providing heavy rocks against the sometimes strong Irish gales and ‘automatic pilot’ (these brooms often have a will of their own…); and note also the fact that apparently, no parking fees are charged to members during these happy celebrations. (The blasted Portuguese government should take an example from these good Satanic folk: nowadays, I pay more money to park the Panda in front of my favourite bar than I spend on the four glasses of Ginjinha I drink before driving home…!)


  1. Just think, Mr. Mittington, if everyone in Europe had brooms, there wouldn't ever be a parking space issue!
    Last year some time, a local tabloid here in SA published a photo of one of the women riding the broom (in mid-air). It caused quite a furor as you can imagine... turned out to be a hoax of course.


  2. A hoax? How do you mean a hoax? How can it be a hoax if the Swaziland government even regulates air-traffic by broom? See

    Yours, Alfred B Mittington

  3. I've read this one before Mr. Mittington, in fact, it even appeared in one of our more reputable newspapers. However, the actual pic was in a tabloid called "The Sun" known for exploiting Photoshop and their endless fascination with Witchcraft.

    I am in no doubt though that the witches value their broomsticks and that the Swazi government are serious in regulating their traffic flow :)