Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Golden Quotebook (3): Thatcher on Guillotines

The other day Unmerciful Me quoted Lady Thatcher in one of her less fortunate moments. Let me make up for that while the iron is hot, so to speak. Here is her razor-sharp tongue, in much better shape, describing the festivities for the Bicentennial of the French Revoluti­on, Paris 1989:

‘The celebrations themselves were on the scale which only a Hollywood studio - or France - could manage: an almost endless procession, a military parade, an opera with pride of place in the set being given to a huge guillotine.’

[from: The Downing Street Years, chapter XXV]

Love her or loath her, the lady has a way with words!


  1. Have you actually got a copy of the book?

    1. Dear Colin,

      Yes I do. Not exactly a page-turner, and that at more than 900 pages. Rather reads like a government report. But it does have its moments, as the quote shows.