Saturday, 11 February 2012

Saturday Snapshot (1)

On a Saturday nobody has time to read. There is shopping to be done; pressing, oft-postponed chores to finish; the children must be taken to their swimming-, music- and karate-lessons; naps must be taken by the overworked and underpaid; and marital sex must be performed. (The extra-marital variety is done for 87 % during office hours on working days, did you know that?) 

Therefore on Saturdays I will limit myself to posting a fun photograph from my Scrapbook of Hilarious Snapshots. Eye candy with a wink, so to speak. Come 'n' get it!

This gorgeous one I took some ten years ago in the town of Orgaz, south of Toledo (Spain):

For those of you whose Spanish is not what it used to be: this is a triumphant plaque nailed to an old building commemorating that the owner once received a prize for the conservation and upkeep of this valuable piece of municipal heritage.

The irony surely speaks for itself...  

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