Thursday, 26 April 2012


Jacques Necker

It is truly incredible! Some people simply have no shame! Some people are born without a conscience!

The very same scoundrels who are demanding that all over the continent schools be closed, that pensions be slashed, that the sick pay their own treatment, that immigrants be excluded from all health care, that unemployed house owners be kicked out into the street with their children and grandparents, that average workers pay for the bail-outs of the banks from their reduced salaries, that every sovereign government commits economic suicide by budget slash-and-burn…

The Barrosos, the Van Rompuys, the Almunias, the Ashtons, the Rehns and the Kroes, and all that wretched nauseating crowd who brought misery upon the continent through their pipe-dream of a single currency and unchecked, unbalanced and un-elected Beurocrat hegemony….

They now demand an increase 
of 7 % for the 2013 EU Budget !!!!  

Barefaced. Brazen. Without a trace of shame, guilt or remorse…

Even for one as old as I, this spectacle is without comparison in his lifetime!

You are asking for popular uprisings, you incomparable mindless idiots!

Stop starving our poor! 
Stop wrecking our democracies! 
Stop repeating history!!

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