Tuesday, 9 October 2012

NEWSREEL: Merkel causes additional Greek budget cuts

Burning Love

Mrs Angela Merkel, the German Kanzler, has arrived in Athens for a state visit to Germany’s EU partner and NATO ally Greece. She comes as only one more representative of the Peace and Prosperity which the European Union, as is well-known, brings to all its member states.

Roughly 6,500 policemen and special force body guards have been concentrated in Athens so as to protect Frau Merkel from the burning love which the Greek people feel towards her.

The Troika of IMF, EU en European Central Bank has declared that additional cuts in social spending of approximately a quarter of a billion Euros will be necessary so as to pay for the security measures required for Frau Merkel’s visit.

The spokesman for the Kanzlerambt in Berlin refused to comment, except to say that this was the lesser evil. ’70 years ago we brought our own body guards,’ he elucidated. ‘Das war aber kein grosser Erfolg.’


  1. "the burning love" - I laughed for a solid 20 minutes at that line. Thanks! :)