Sunday, 28 October 2012

The World of Mayonnaise!

From the World of Mayo Gallery

Lo and behold!!! There are kindred souls in this universe! 

Or rather: there used to be. For this marvellous site, called The World of Mayo no longer seems to be alive and kicking. Some SWAT team from the Comité du Salut Public probably got them (you know these folks: they’re the ones that stop you from smoking a cigarette in an airport, eating a sandwich in the streets of Rome, giving your kid something sweet to nibble at school, and drinking a beer in the 1920s…)

Even so, the site itself can still be visited, and it makes good sense to do so. It has recipes, it has a most respectable label collection, it has an hilarious section of Mayonnaise in the Arts (see their ‘Gallery’) and a list of useful Mayonnaise sites (a few of which are still working).

And another one!

So all you gourmets of taste and sophistication, do spend some quality time at that site today! What else is Sunday for?

Oh, and if anybody knows where these people and their laudable organisation have gone to, Alfred B Mittington would be most grateful to be told!


  1. Mayonnaise, for consumption or application, lubrication or relish? Hard to know from those jar labels.

    Coconut oil is another product with multiuse properties. As part of a ketogenic diet, it's looking like a life saver, as it is composed of 66% Medium Chain Triglycerides.

    I would welcome your conclusions.

    All the best,


  2. Dear Perry,

    Thank you for this contribution. I'm afraid most of it is a little over my head, but your second tip was informative. We learn something new every day.

    Yours Alfred BM