Thursday, 25 October 2012

Take a stiff drink and then read this

Do not take my word for anything. But if you wish to see some confirmation that the effects – intended or unintended, it does not matter – of enforced EU austerity is the complete  Americanisation of the former European welfare states, with all its un-European harshness, sharkishness and cold-heartedness, then just take a fleeting look at this truly awful article on what Troika policy does to Greeks who fall sick. (But before you read it: take a stiff drink first!)

Although I could now easily scold the Brussels’ Eurogues and their elected lackeys for another 50,000 words, I have nothing more to add. Shame on you! Shame!


  1. I do wish Europe would get its act together dear Mr. Mittington. As of last week, I don't see a future here. And I need somewhere to exile to.

  2. Dear Ms Azra,

    Well, that makes you and 500 million Europeans who are hoping for better news... The trouble is, of course, that the leadership here has a double, or triple, agenda. They do not merely wish to save our economies. They also wish to consolidate their grip on political power (and with as little democracy as possible) and to undermine the wellfare state in such a way that it will never rise from the grave again. The latter two have preference. The first one is of smaller relevance. There you have the trouble.

    I remember cruising through RSA some 6 years ago, and getting scared out of my wits by such road signs as 'Crime Zone DO NOT STOP' on dark, lonely, abandoned roads that went on for 50 miles to the next village. Very scary for a spoiled European. So I sympathize with your present trauma.


  3. Well, while there is little comfort in driving along a dark, lonely, abandoned and dangerous road... you can imagine it being much worse when you're in broad daylight and surrounded by others and STILL feeling utterly helpless.

  4. Thanks for flagging this up, Mitty. I have tweeted and Facebook'd it.

  5. Thank you, Timmy. Wish I could flag up more cheerful news!