Tuesday, 9 April 2013

'Cher Is Dead' ???

Oh, this is a good one!! A REAL good one!! I’m sure most of my readers of Taste and Sophistication have missed it (because not all of us are cursed with two godchildren who are avid and fanatical Twitterers) but only yesterday occurred one of the very best, the most marvellous, splendid, gorgeous, magnificent social media foul-ups that this old yours truly ever witnessed!

As all of you are surely aware (I was too, oh yes I was…) every ‘Twitter-string’ comes provided with a so-called ‘hashtag’. That’s like the title of a series, with a ‘sharp’ sign ( # ) in front, so that you know what the interconnected airheads are twittering about and what kind of stuff you may encounter if you decide to set out and read it all… (1)

Now yesterday morning, as the news of The Iron Lady’s demise broke, one of them airheads attached to his twitter-text the following hashtag:


by which hashtag said hash-head meant to communicate to the world that Lady Margaret Thatcher, long-time Tory leader and Prime Minister of Great Britain, had been called to greener pastures (which said hash-head surely imagined as interminable acres planted with prime quality cannabis, but that’s beside the point here…)

Unfortunately, several of the folks who received this Twitter message (a.k.a. Tweet) understood this differently. They did not read

# now Thatcher is dead


            # now that Cher is dead

And guess what?? The Entire Global Sonny & Cher Fanclub (most of whom hate bonny Sonny with a vengeance by the by) went bonkers and bananas and berserk and wrote, sent, replied, retwittered and expanded a veritable tsunami of desperate, weeping, sad and suicidal Tweets enough to fill the entire Library of Congress with once again as many words as it contains at present over the passing of their favourite and much admitted Queen of Camp

Really, dear readers, this world of ours is coming to an end! For in this our Twitter universe, Beauty lies with the Beast, the Lion with the Lamb, and the Brilliant with the merely very Buxom…

O Tempora, O Muertos!

(1) And why, I wonder would it be called that way except that those who manage to write it find their inspiration, Nomen Est Omen style, in the use and abuse of certain substances…??)


  1. LOL! People are sheep. SHEEP I tell you. You won't believe the number of celebs that have "died" and come back to life on Twitter - it's beginning to resemble a cheap American Soap Opera


  2. We ought to make a list, with their date of birth, their date of demise, and the date they really went to greener pastures...


  3. How do you mean, what is this Twitter? He who wants an answer must ask a clear question, as good old Socrates explained...