Thursday, 25 April 2013

Repita A Revolução!!

Thirty-nine years ago today, dear reader, a most marvellous – and officially forbidden - song called Grandola, Vila Morena by honey-voiced José Zeca Afonso, rang out over all the Portuguese radio stations in the morning. This was the sign for the Portuguese army and the Portuguese people to rise against the Portuguese dictator Marcelo Caetano and his miserable regime, which kept the people in poverty and suppressed all protest with tear gas and the baton of the riot police.

It was the beginning of the Revolução dos Cravos, the ‘Carnation Revolution’. And what a splendid day that was! In the morning poor Portugal agonized under the boot of worm-eaten fascists; in the evening the beautiful land was free!

Today, yet another miserable regime, run by yet another Portuguese dictator and his cronies, is keeping the Portuguese people in poverty and suppresses all protest with tear gas and the riot police baton. Yes: I am speaking of good old First EU Commissar Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, of the Abominable Troika from Brussels and Frankfurt, and of their elected lackey Pedro Passos Coelho, the Portuguese Prime Minister, who does all he can to bleed his people so as to save the venomous €uro.

Never was the time more ripe for a repetition of the Glorious Revolution!

So all ye people of good will and honest faith… All you who know that things may be turned for the better if we hold together and tell them STOP, NOT ONE STEP FURTHER…! All you who wish the suffering Portuguese people well…. Turn up the volume button of your computer to the maximum; open the windows, the doors and your heart; go to THIS HERE LINK and Give The Signal !!!

Ça ira, ça ira, ça ira…!!
L’imagination au pouvoir!!
Viva o 25 de Abril!!


  1. Mr Mittington,
    Colin Davies has a link about the EU in his Sunday blog which I am sure you read, but did you read the comment by Giles Conway-Gordon? If not, I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. I hope the author of the article read it!



  2. Dear David,

    Indeed, nobody could have put it better! As the article and the comment are a little cumbersome to find as it stands now, I here repeat the URL

    Thank you so much for bringing this to the attention of me and my readers. Alfred BM