Friday, 12 April 2013

THEFT !!!!

The Cheek!!! The brazen, barefaced, devilish shamelessness!!! Them roguish good-for-nothing boy-'n-the-Hood spray-paint-splashers of miserable IQ and worse morals STOLE A FIND OF ALFRED B. MITTINGTON and re-published it without due reference !!

Alfred B. Mittington's revenge will be horrible !! That I promise you!!

(Does anybody know where this happens to be, so that I may ask my good friend the First Chairman of the North Korean Communist Workers Party Kim Jong-un to re-direct one of his infallible nuclear missiles so as to hit this most despicable municipality??)


  1. They weren't the only ones! And I don't mean me.

  2. Maggie, in questions economic certainly, was the BEST prime minister England had since Churchill.
    I laugh at the same time time at the people, friends or foes, who say she cracked the power of the totalitarian trade unions: I was working for Camden county council in the eighties, when Thatcher had already been in power for several years and still the CLOSED SHOP agreement was in vigour. That meant that any worker who signed for Camden was Forced to become a member of whatever trade unión ruled there. Imagine anything more totalitarian: you are forced to become a member of an organisation, to pay it money and to support its economic, political, religious and whatever views it parades! Otherwise you cannot earn a living.
    And this in the England some fools and liars say was under the sway of the ultraliberal leader, ha, ha,ha.

  3. and you would be surprised to know I marched in those years for CND, the marches the conservative press described as the loony left. But I wasn´t left wing anymore in those days, certainly not if leftwing means being soft on communism or proabortion, for example, but I was MORALLY concerned with the ethics of the atomic weapon. Neither was I an absolute pacifist, like Tolstoi or Ghandi, I thought, with Bertrand Russell, now another fallen idol of mine, that some wars were justified, even necessary.
    My views on Thatcher, then quite negative, have changed quite a bit, mainly because I understand now a Little about economics and liberty, which in those days I hadn´t really come to terms with (I held libertarian views in many áreas, like education, but failed to see the essential connectiion between Liberty and Economic liberty.


  4. Dear anonymous commenter,

    Yes, I am aware of the Closed Shop dilemma. Mrs Thatcher herself, somewhere in her political autobiography, described how Union bosses often bullied workers by demanding obedience under the simple threat of kicking the worker in question out of the union, which automatically implied that worker losing his job! I have to say, little sympathy as I may feel for Lady Thatcher's overall views, that she did have a point when she said this was unacceptable and reminiscent of soviet practices.

    Would you, by the by, care to share your name with us?

    Yours, sincerely, ABM