Monday, 26 May 2014

Bravo Europeans !!

Yesterday the largest part of the European electorate voted… no, not with their feet, but with their backsides! Out of disinterest or – as in my own case – out of deliberate passivity in protest against the anti-democratic nature of the EU, they decided to stay home. To vote in a democracy is a solemn civic duty. But to vote for a sham parliament only legitimizes the robbery of democratic rights, and hollows out the people’s political entitlement.

Participation in these 2014 Eulections was a miserable 43.1 %. This was immediately pounded upon by the Europhile politicians and media as a triumph. You see: participation is the last elections was lower. Much lower. A full… 0.1 % ! Yes indeed! You astound reader, I am sure you do. The popularity of the Union has risen vastly…

Of course, before we take this as a sign of growing EU-love, let’s not forget that the number is a little inflated, since in various countries of the Union (Belgium, Luxemburg and little Malta), the voter has no choice. Voting is obligatory. Thus, 90 % of voters turned out in Belgium and Luxemburg, where you get fined if you stay away. Of course these countries only contain some 2 % of the European population, but it still means a distortion; therefore, to take those 43.1 % as a reliable measure of Union patriotism is pretty questionable.

Vintage Europhiles like Mr Verhofstadt and Mr Barroso were quick to jump upon the rostrum to proclaim a Victory for the European Project. You see, Euro-hostile parties had only scored about 225 out of 750-something seats in the sham parliament, less than a third! And if you compared that with all the other parties put together – never mind that it then contained such incompatible bedfellows as conservatives, liberals, socialists and greens – the pro-European vote was clearly overwhelming.

It is – yet once again - quite an exercise in shamelessly staying blind and deaf to what is really going on. After all, is there not reason to argue that many of the near 60 % of abstainers are clearly lukewarm, if not straightforward hostile, to this megalomaniac project? One reason to think so is that they stayed home despite the most vehement campaigns to get them to come vote. Another that, in the past, WHENEVER a proposal was put to them in referendum by our Brussels Masters, the answer was inevitably a resounding NO. A rejection which in all cases – France, the Netherlands, Ireland various times – was then cheerfully ignored by the hollow men in power. The Project Must Go On… Some democracy!

Meanwhile, across this disjointed Union of ours, weird, or roguish, or extremist parties have not only grown substantially, but in various places have simply won the elections, becoming the first political force on the national scale. In France, the Front National won with over 25 %. In Britain, the far more respectable Ukip took 30 %. In Greece, the radical left wing Syriza scored 26.5 %, apart from a scary 9 % for the SA-style Golden Dawn bunch… Much the same, if not as scary, took place in Italy, in Austria, in Denmark, in Hungary, and in the Netherlands, where Europhiles enthusiastically danced over the TV screen to the news that Mr Wilders’ PVV had ‘only’ scored 4 seats and 13 % of the vote; the party had been expected to win 5 seats and 20 %. Some Victory! King Pyrrhus could not have improved upon Europhile performance!

Oh, it is such a pleasure to see such parties back in the European political landscape again, after an unbearable absence of near 70 years! We have missed them so badly, yearned so deeply for their crackpot racial theories, their love of Leaders, their slash, burn and strip economics and their ‘solutions’ to the problems caused by crime! Let us all rejoice that we may soon see easy answers to complicated problems again, clad in uniforms and boots, holding rallies and razzias, burning books and smashing shop windows...

But to whom do we really owe their rise, dear readers? To the evil intentions and the stupidity of the voters? You must be a true democrat if you believe that… ‘The electorate is always right,’ I hear you mumble, ‘as long as they vote the way I want them to…’ The attitude makes one think of a T-Ford in another colour than black…

The Eurochamber's predecessor: the Weimar Parliament

Let me try to explain it one more time. We owe the rise of suspicious movements to the boundless arrogance of the respectable political parties. All of these, of all political convictions, left, centre and right, are blindly pro-EU and want an ever closer Union, with ever more powers, ever more money, and ever more countries. However: an overwhelming part of the European populations wants a stop to this tendency. They want the EU to be pulled to a halt. They want no more steps towards a Federal Europe, less power to Brussels, less money to its institutions, and no more new countries for a long long while (no Ukraine, no Turkey, no Tunesia or Morocco).

And now comes the crux of the matter: if you wish to vote against the automatic Ever More Europe, whom do you vote for? All the respectable parties want more of it. That leaves… Well, you guessed it.

If you wish to get rid of the fascists, then heed the wishes of the people, you oafs!

Sadly, the European leadership in Brussels, and their elected lackeys in the various capitals, have already given unmistakable signs that they will not heed these things. That they will not listen, will once again ignore the message, will go forward with what they tell themselves is good for the people in spite of the people. They also are great democrats…

And how do you think the electorate is going to react to that?? Different, right?

Oh, yes: we are living in Interesting Times. Brace yourselves, dear readers. We ain’t seen nothing yet…


  1. I am taking applications for The Revolutionary Party. You don't have to be violent but it might help.

  2. Will you pour red wine at the Revolutionary Party??

  3. Please, someone tell me what's so special / important about the nation state.

  4. Or, will we continue to whine or will we see red and demand change by ALL, casting our vote???

  5. As a pattern for living, I would prefer Mediaeval Scandinavian laws, in preference even to our Common Law. The Napoleonic Code you can stick where the sun does not shine; it just encourages and rewards corruption. Legal traditions post Xtianity, led to far worse punishments, such as executions, brandings and imprisonments.