Wednesday, 21 May 2014

How to vote in the coming ‘Eulections’

Bakunin once made the neat remark that to participate in the established political processes of the oppressive state, such as elections, is to capitulate to the system. And even though I’ve had my brush with dear Mikhail Alexandrovich and his rowdy followers (I could tell you a few juicy stories from my days in the Bakuninist-run Andalusian village of Castro del Rio during the good old Spanish Civil War…), I must for once agree. DO NOT VOTE for this hollow shell of a EU parliament. To vote in this election implies that you accept their waste, corruption, theft of sovereignty, destruction of social rights, reduction of benefits, and the erosion of your hard-fought democracy! Let the Eurogues NEVER enjoy the triumph that more than half of the electorate legitimizes their swindle! Do not give them that satisfaction! Do not give them a mandate! Give them instead the finger!

NOTA BENE: Alfred B Mittington is NOT against voting. On the contrary. Voting is a civic duty when done in a veritable, functioning Democracy, where the leadership is accountable, the Constitution calls the shots and the executive is at the mercy of the electorate. This is nowhere near the case in the Byzantine EU. If you wish to learn how your vote is truly valued by the Brussels Beurocracy, just take a quick look at this here footage of only 6 years ago! 


  1. Vote for the party that is against the politicians (and the bankers): Partido X