Monday, 3 December 2012

Blessings of a Toxic Currency

Behold the boons that Brussels bestows on its citizens! Quote: “The Euro itself has become a force of destruction”. Just scan this here article quickly to get the general gist of things to come, and the Prosperity and Democracy that we may expect from our Brussels Masters…

And if you have enough heart to care minimally for the Greek populace, check out this here article to see the effects of the loving treatment which the Eurogues perpetrate upon a member state. Quote: “Upholding euro membership [of Greece] has by now become an act of cruelty; (…) a vicious and immoral policy in itself”

And these are the people that receive this year’s Nobel Peace Prize! Shame!!


  1. They should have given that Nobel Peace Prize to me. Even I've done a better job than most and I've done nothing at all!!


  2. I will be nominating you for the silly Prize next year!

    Alfred (as in Nobel)