Saturday, 15 December 2012

Guns don't kill people!

For in your back yard...

Mr Obama – that famously fellow-travelling card-carrying PC pink idealist – is contemplating perverse action in the wake of yesterday’s Connecticut shoot-out. You can just see it in his eyes. He is dreaming of Gun Controls, dear reader, and of limiting, if not revoking (imagine!) the constitutional right of carrying arms. As if the near infallible Founding Fathers had never consciously written and approved the Second Amendment!

I am shocked, dear reader, by such audacity. Does not this gentleman know that ‘Guns do not kill people’? People kill people, dear reader!

Guns also do not kill children. Children kill children.

It would therefore be a travesty of law to forbid people to buy, own or use (in a pacific way) handguns, shotguns and semi-automatic weapons. As a matter of fact, there is no reason to prohibit them to buy, own and put to good use (in a pacific manner, naturally) other weaponry either. Because, is it not a Truth Writ In Stone that

Hand grenades do not kill people…. People kill people!

M1 Abrams Tanks do not kill people… People kill people!

ICBM nuclear rockets do not kill people… People kill people!

Weapons of Mass Destruction do not-…  But must I go on, dear reader?? No, surely you have by now gotten the point, and I have no doubt that you agree with me, the National Rifle Association and the Military Industrial Complex that ALL weaponry falls under the Constitutional Freedoms of the American Constitution, and should therefore be freely available to all citizens. To buy, own, use and ENJOY!

In a pacific manner, naturally…

Alfred ‘the Patriot’ Mittington.


  1. Peace through superior firepower.

  2. I agree. No automatic weapons were used. Had there been a teacher who had a weapon, the massacre might have been avoided.

  3. Clearly, the answer is to keep the guns but ban the people.

  4. At Sandy Hook, the principal heroically tried to physically subdue the gunman. She was shot and killed.

    Joel Myrick shows, if she had her own gun, this could have ended differently.

  5. Do you think this story will be more widely reported?