Saturday, 16 June 2012

Greek Elections: With a little help from my friends...


A wise man once wrote: Show me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. That is one true saying.

Tomorrow, Sunday the 17th of June, there will be all-important elections in Greece. Elections that will decide no little in the future of the European Union and of the nations that live under its iron, pitiless sway. And in those elections, who are the Friends of Brussels?

You couldn’t make it up.

The grim fact is that Brussels is putting all its hope on the two old traditional parties: the ‘socialist’ PASOK and the conservative New Democracy. These are the same two parties who used to divide Greece between them. Who hated each other’s guts and gladly drank each other’s blood for decades, until they found a common cause in Brussels’ courting. Who cooked the books and lied to their European partners so as to be allowed to join the Eurozone. Who mismanaged the Greek economy on such a bizarre scale that it nudged the country to the brink of the abyss. Who hid their deficits, their inflation, the scarlet of their balance sheets, and the brittleness of their banks. Who borrowed excessively so as to toss gifts and sinecures to their voters and party cronies. Who allowed, and dabbled in, corruption of unspeakable extent and quantity. Who are a complete political mafia of the most scandalous sort. Who cheated, lied, stole, squandered, pillaged, defrauded, embezzled, abused and bloodsucked everybody. Including Brussels itself.

These then are the two great Greek friends of our European leadership. These are their heroes. It is they who Brussels is happy to deal with, with whom they hope to deal after the elections. The very same old utterly corrupt and inept parties who cheated them on many occasions. The ones whom they are sometimes covertly and sometimes openly summoning the Greeks to vote for. The ones they tell the Greek people to return to power, OR ELSE

In short: Brussels sets its hopes on scoundrels. They hope for a victory of rogues. They want the corrupt back into office, because the corrupt are their faithful friends. The corrupt, the dishonest, the unscrupulous, are the ones who will do Brussels’ bidding. Who will bow over forward for ‘special treatment’ which will save the Divine Euro. Which today, in June 2012, has become the end instead of the means.

We have come a long, long, long, long way, dear readers, from the virtues which made this our continent great. The virtues for whose survival some 20 million people died only 70 years ago.



    JE R

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