Monday, 4 June 2012

NEWSREEL: Coup d'Etat

Finally! At last! The cards are on the table! The aces up the sleeves now show! The sharpened knives, ready to be stuck into the back of national sovereignty and under the seventh rib of the body politic, have been taken out of the drawer! The Moment of Truth, dear reader, has arrived.

Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s first chief of staff, once spoke a momentous line: ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste.’ With this he meant to say, that times of panic, fear and tension can be put to good use to pass controversial measures which the nation would not accept under normal circumstances. Mr Emanuel is nobody’s fool…

However, there are still people more brilliant than he… Masterminds who first cause a crisis, and then put it to excellent use to reach their own goals.

Yesterday Welt am Sontag leaked the news that the Brussels’ Gang of Four, to wit: Barroso, Van Rompuy, Draghi and Juncker, are working on a secret plan ‘to save the Eurozone’ which they will present to the European heads of state, to swallow or choke on, the coming 28th of June.

The plan contains, among many other nifty things no doubt, the following benign proposals:

European institutions will get even more power over national budgets (which they can already veto at present…)
A new European supervisory body for the banking sector with fresh new powers will be installed (the ‘independent’ power of the ECB is far from sufficient…)
There will be ‘harmonised’ fiscal, tax, foreign and security policies (i.e. the European executive – which has not been elected and can not be sent packing by a parliament – will set the rules for tax-gathering, budgets & spending, foreign relations, policing & defence) 
There will be ‘reforms’ of social welfare programmes (read: they will take an axe to all that cry-baby spending on the poor that endangers the Divine Euro)

The audacity of this plan is only equalled by its brazenness. But I guess the gentlemen think their Finest Hour has come. The time is ripe, after all, a huge crisis is eating out the bowels of Europe, and they know that if they bring this one in, under the pretext of saving the Euro, the Banks and Employment, nothing and nobody can ever stop them again from complete supremacy. With tongue well in cheek, one might pronounce Olli Rehn as ‘All I Reign’! It is what they dream of.

The essential functions of government are ultimately two: the making of laws and the say over money. The first is already firmly in the hands of the Beurocracy, through a web of Treaty Obligations which force independent countries to write European laws into their legislation. The second is now being conquered; despite the fact that such wholesale transfers of sovereignty come down to a fundamental change in various national constitutions, and that there are rules for that. Very old and respectable rules, written in those same constitutions. Those rules will simply have to be ignored, our benign Brussels rulers tell us. In the name of Stability and Prosperity and Peace. Oh…and Democracy of course!

So Brumaire is on our doorstep - except that it is a Brumaire Light, since no Napoleon Bonaparte is anywhere in sight, only megalomaniac Pinocchios. And that leads us to the last question: will the European populations bite the venomous bait and swallow? The Gang of Four surely expects them to do so, for thus far the dumbos always have. And yet, it is perhaps not superfluous to remind them of a quote from another American fellow who was nobody’s fool, but knew a thing or two about fooling. To wit:

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.’

There may still be a spark of hope for this our poor continent. 


  1. I wonder who pioneered the whole idea behind "lets-create-a-crisis-so-that-they-need-our-solutions". It's reminiscent of the calls for war and the ever elusive "weapons of mass destruction" in the hunt for oil reserves. If the world was a man, he'd be senile with advanced Alzheimers since people never learn from the mistakes in the past.

  2. Well, if one is to believe Lady Thatcher, it all started in the 70s when unscrupulous socialists like Mr Delors made evil plans to establish a sort of EUSSR. But personally I don’t believe in such well-planned devilish conspiracies. Rather, I think that – in the absence of all critical opposition - the Brussels internationalists did the logical thing with the introduction of the Euro. For them this was a win-win situation that could only lead to closer confederation. If the Euro succeeded, economic union would be consolidated and they could point at is as a triumph. If it failed – and I have no doubt that many of these very smart boys and girls recognized that possibility – it could be put to good use as a reason for ‘emergency centralisation’.

    The bottom line here is that not a single European bigwig responsible for this mess is being called to account or sanctioned; and that national leaders all sheepishly support the plans of their Brussels colleagues, in blatant disregard of the wishes or instincts of their populations. Hence the ever growing support for pretty suspect rogue parties on the left and right. The EU therefore pretends only to cultivate roses, but in reality it breeds a thorn bush.