Thursday, 21 June 2012

Reading Tip

Now here is a savvy fellow writing wise words! Except that he needs a complicated introduction about international finance. Those of you who do not like such stuff: just scroll down to where it says ‘Mr Barroso went on to say’, and read the rest.


  1. Here is an interesting comment on the debt crisis from a German point of view, one I admit I had not fully considered. I almost feel sorry for the predicament they are in - courtesy of the EU hierachy.


  2. Dear David,

    Indeed it is good to show, for once, the other side of the story. That said, I am not awfully impressed with the author's presentation of the dilemma, as if the choice were exclusively between boundless Keynesian overspending and present Austerity Fixation. I was planning a little post on the Blame Game that's been going on of late. Your tip has made sure I'll go for that one some time next week. It does seem useful.

    Yours, ABM