Sunday, 3 June 2012

Open Letter to the Irish Electorate POSTSCRIPT

Oh you Harebrained Hibernian Harpos and Harpies!!! You ratified the Brussels Garrotte although you had a chance to show them their place? Do you think they will love you now? Do you really think they will respect you more? No, you fools! On the contrary: you have just voted yourself into insignificance and serfdom!

But Alfred B Mittington must be lenient. Yes, I know your choice was a hard one, for – as a commentator in an obscure newspaper wrote - you did get your referendum, but it was with a gun against your head…

The threats and the bullying of the Abominable Troika were constant and omnipresent. You want to return a No vote? Go right ahead, but then you’ll get no more money from Europe! We’ll gladly let you sink into Greek destitution, and kick you out of the Eurozone and the EU if we can! It is a strategy which the Brussels’ Eurogues are applying, ever so softly and silently, with ever more frequency. Hungary has already had a taste of it, and Greece of course is under heavy fire right now. Imagine that David Cameron were to suggest such a thing during a by-election, or George W. Bush! The scandal would run as high as the Tower of Babel! But some pigs are more equal than other pigs, are they not?

Be it so! The Euro needs no referendums to come tumbling down. It will do so by its own faulty design and internal contradictions. And not all the King’s horses and all the King’s men, will put that toxic currency together again!

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