Friday, 18 May 2012

The Book of Burning Questions (5)

Time for a confession! Over the last few weeks, dear reader, I’ve been racking my brain to find an adequate response to that most intriguing scholastic paradox whether Almighty God can make a stone so heavy that He cannot lift it Himself. And – believe it or not - I give up. Yes, I must admit it! I bow my head to the inevitable! There are in this sorry world logical enigmas in the face of which even the near omniscience of Alfred B. Mittington stands helpless! So I fear you will have to content yourselves with the following Cool Answers to these Burning (Theological) Questions:

Q: How many angels can you make dance on a pin?
A: If you turn the sharp end up, I assure you that each and every angel you put on top of there will dance.

Q: Does God ever play dice with the world?
A: Yes. But when He does He cheats a little. He throws dice loaded with meaning.

Q: What was God doing before he created a special inferno for the inquisitive?
A: He was probably playing Divine Doctor with Sophia from next door.

[PS Those of you who grasp all three of the above Cool Answers are kindly invited to make suggestions as to the solution to the ‘Stone Paradox’. Both of you, that is… ]

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