Thursday, 31 May 2012

NEWREEL: Starve them guilty children!

UNICEF just came out with a bit of news about Portugal. To wit: that many thousands of Portuguese children go to school without having had breakfast. The penniless kids loiter about the school cantinas, but buy nothing… Behold the splendid results of the EU Austerity that will save us! (Those who read Dutch: see this article)

But this is, of course, their parents’ fault. At least according to Ms Christine Lagarde of the IMF in a recent interview (see here). This Iron Salomé in Vuitton Shawls explained that if Greek children suffer, it is the fault of their parents for not paying taxes.

A surprising opinion, since this lady herself does not pay taxes on her roughly 450,000 Euro income. She is, you see, a diplomat. They make far too little, and are far too important, to contribute to the public cause! (See this article!)

She is also a lady with a heart. Not at all like other IMF bigwigs, who sodomise the workers of the world during office hours, only to rape chamber maids in their free time. I am much more concerned, she told the worshipful interviewer, with poor Nigerian children who get no proper  education than with the Greek children who suffer because of the sins of their cheating parents.

Come again?

Since when is the IMF concerned for the welfare of African children, pray tell?

Since when do we need to choose between Nigerian children and Greek children?

And since when do you think that we are so incredibly stupid that we will let you hide your pitiless plutocrat attitudes behind cheap sentimentality over African kids, you heartless harpy?

I never thought I’d say this, but I will do so now: Lady Thatcher is a warm, caring grandmother compared with today’s nauseating international puppeteers.



  1. Alfie, When I was working overseas for my company, my salary was 'tax-free' but this meant my company paid the tax on my behalf, not me. So, the national tax authorities did receive it. Are you sure that's not the case with Ms L?

    1. My dear Colin,

      I have no idea. I do not get that impression, however, from the press coverage I read about it in various newspapers. And one would guess quality newspapers would have pointed out that fine point, to be on the safe and the objective side, right?

      Yours, Al